Fountain Day

Name of College/University: University at Albany
Location: Albany, New York
Day(s)/Week it Occurs: Sunday, April 10th (varies yearly)

Summary of Event:

 Fountain day is a 34-year-long tradition that has been held at the University at Albany for the Spring. This year, the even will take place at the college, where the 30 foot high fountain is placed on April 10th. Students come out to welcome the spring with great enthusiasm by collaborating in different activities. These include: games, dancing, singing, running around, sports, and any other activity that comes to mind. Other residents of the location also participate by providing food, music and even ideas for the great celebration. Fountain day is

that students at Albany University look forward to and anxiously await the beginning of spring.



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April Fool’s Day Water Fight

Name of College/University: University of King’s College
Location: Halifax, Canada
Day(s)/Week it Occurs: Every April 1st

Summary of Event:
When midnight comes any students on the Quad are soaked as part of a campus-wide water fight involving balloons and water guns in the dark.  This is one of the most fun traditions for students at King’s College during the school year because they get to embrace their wild side and yell and scream with friends.  It often turns into a competition of girls andboys.


Water Fight


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Freshman Cake Race

Name of College/University: Davidson College
Location: Davidson, North Carolina
Day(s)/Week it Occurs: Beginning of school year upon arrival of freshman students
Summary of Event:

The freshman cake race was originally created by track Coach Pete Whittle in 1934, to uncover  talent within the incoming freshman class and to find new members for the track team. When the race was first started it was mandatory that everyone participated in this 1.7 mile race. Prizes included picture shows and haircuts. Since this tradition started 77 years ago, Davidson college has updated and kept this tradition alive. Instead of being a mandatory race, voluntary freshman partake in this tradition in order to win a cake. Cakes are provided by the Davidson community and have become a part of the tradition as to who can bake the best cake.


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Rollins College Tradition: Fox Day

Name of College/University: Rollins College
Location: Winter Park, Florida
Day(s)/Week it Occurs: Once Every Spring Day
Summary of Event:

The annual tradition “Fox Day” occurs at Rollins College in Florida and has been occurring since 1956.  “Fox Day” occurs when the president chooses a random day in Spring in which he places a statue of a Fox placed on the school’s main lawn. This placement of the Fox signifies that classes are canceled for the day and the college provides students with a surprise day off to explore local beaches and amusement parks. Upon their arrival to campus in the afternoon, students are treated to a barbecue on the same main lawn that the fox was placed on.


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