SUNY Boat Race

Name of University/College: SUNY Stony Brook
Location: Stony Brook, NY
Week/Day(s) event occurs: The last Friday in April
Summary of events:

Every year, students and faculty face off in a race across Roth Pond in handmade boats made of cardboard, duct tape, and paint.  The object is to get across the poind first without sinking.  There are two racing categories, speedsters (1-person boats) and yachts (2-person boats).  The boats are also judged by members of the local yacht club.


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Annual Jazz Festival

Name of College/University: Cornell University
Location: Ithaca, New York
Day(s)/Week it Occurs: Third Week of April
Summary of Event:

20th annual Jazz festival

The 20th anniversary of the Cornell Jazz festival will take place April 15-17. During this performance, students play can play any of their instruments or music, not only jazz, although Jazz is the focus of the event. Before the event, students must take Jazz courses, otherwise they cannot participate in the program. Charge of tickets is $10 per person.


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Dooley’s Week

Name of College/University: Emory University
Location: Druid Hills, Georgia
Day(s)/Week it Occurs: Random week in March

Summary of Event(s):

This events involves the unofficial mascot of Emory, “Dooley”. Dooley is a skeleton that is usually dressed in black. During Dooley’s week in spring, Dooley roams Emory’s campus with bodyguards dressed in black. The mascot will let student out of classes with unscheduled appearances in classroom. His bodyguards do the talking for him since he can not talk. At the end of this week there is a Dooley’s Ball that takes place in the center of campus. There is also sporting events that take place in addition to the ball.


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Stress Less Week

Name of University/College: Butler University
Location:Indianapolis, Indiana
Week/Day(s) event occurs: Week before finals week

Summary of Events:

Stress less week occurs once a semester right before the week of finals. Each day of the week there are different events to participate in to relieve stress. So what do these students do to relax? Some of the events students can partake in are petting puppies, taking a candle lit swim in the pool, and numerous amounts of massages.


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Carol of Lights

College/University: Texas Tech University
Location: Lubbock, Texas
Day(s)/Week it occurs: First Friday of December

Summary of Event:

Annually, students and faculty celebrate the beginning of the holiday season at the Texas Tech by kicking off December with a Carillon concert. The 43 bells are located in the west tower of the Administration Building and what follows the bells is a torch light processional given by the Saddle Tramps and High Riders spirit organizations. The Texas Tech Trombone Choir along with combined choirs lead the crowd in singing carols such as, “O Holy Night,” in the Science Quadrangle. After the lighting ceremony,  thirteen buildings within the Texas Technological College Historic District are illuminated with the over 25,000 red, white, and orange lights and they remain on the campus buildings until students return from the winter break.


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Bucknell Greek Welcome Night

Name of College/University: Bucknell University
Location: Lewisburg, PA
Day(s)/Week it Occurs: Spring, day after Greek bid day
Summary of Event:

Every spring the day after bid day all of the sorority pledges on campus stand on top of Freas Hall and sing their sorority songs during the afternoon. New fraternity brothers come and watch the girls sing while holding their fraternity banners. That night all fraternities are open to all Greek members.


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Spree Day

Name of College/University: Clark University
Location: Worcester, Massachusetts
Day(s)/Week it Occurs: Once every April
Summary of Event:

Every year Clark University celebrates the end of the Spring semester by having Spree Day. It’s an awesome school-sponsored event where all classes are canceled and filled with campus activities and free food. Members of student government are responsible for the planning and are the only ones who are supposed to know when in April this day will be. Somehow, it usually gets leaked early every year and the night before Spree Day students either start throwing parties the night before or stay up all night long so they can be the first in line when it’s time to get their wristbands and free breakfast. The planning committee sets up an outdoor stage on the Green and surround it by carnival rides and booths for  food and drinks. The bands, the rides, the food, and everything is supposed to be kept a secret until the morning of Spree Day


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