The Foster’s Run

College/University: Harvey Mudd College
Location: Claremont, California
Day(s)/Week it occurs: Weekend of Daylight’s Saving

Summary of Event:

When the first unicycle was introduced to Havey Mudd’s campus in the 1970s , the unicycling club, Gonzo Unicycle Madness, formed and created an annual 9.6 mile ride called “The Foster’s Run,” to the “Donut Man” donut shop in Glendora. How they came up with the name of the annual event is the donut shop was originally known as “Foster’s Donuts” for strawberry donuts. Through the years unicycles became less popular and now only a few Mudders ride unicycles, but on the weekend of daylight-savings time in April, students and alumni, come to campus from all parts of the country to top their unicycles and pedal eastward from Claremont to Glendora for a delicious (and free) strawberry donut. Before they go into the shop, tradition calls for participants to perform the “Foster’s shakedown,” where the riders dismount their unicycles, form a circle and jump up and down while spinning in place. The owner Jim Nakato then happily greets all riders with his specialty: a large doughnut filled with fresh strawberries.



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