Odd/Even Game

Name of University/College: Wells CollegeGo to fullsize image
Location: Aurora, New York
Week/Day(s) of event:Occurs upon entering freshman year
Summary of events:

Established in 1898, the odd/even game is a strong tradition that all students at Wells College participate in. First year students are either assigned evenline (if they graduate in an even year) or oddline (if they graduate in an odd year). Each line has its own mascot and colors. The evenline’s mascot is Cleo the elaphant and its colors are blue and green. Whereas the oddline’s mascot is Oddwina the bear and its colors are purple and yellow.  Each team then selects its song leaders, who then carry the responsibility of preparing the teams for the sing-off competiton. The song leaders also supervise the creation of the class banners, as well as the writing of the class song. Whoever wins the competition gets to pick which side of the smoke pit they want, and paints their colors on that side.



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