Annual Jazz Festival

Name of College/University: Cornell University
Location: Ithaca, New York
Day(s)/Week it Occurs: Third Week of April
Summary of Event:

20th annual Jazz festival

The 20th anniversary of the Cornell Jazz festival will take place April 15-17. During this performance, students play can play any of their instruments or music, not only jazz, although Jazz is the focus of the event. Before the event, students must take Jazz courses, otherwise they cannot participate in the program. Charge of tickets is $10 per person.


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4 Responses to Annual Jazz Festival

  1. Tina Y. says:


    Your banner does make the header stand out more. The background is nice but if the name of your site is orange, I feel like something else on the site should also be orange.

    Also, this sentence: “During this performance, students play their instruments, not only jazz but it is the focus of the event.” I don’t really know what this is saying. Proof read please.

    -fellow student of IST 335

  2. Kelsey says:

    I really like the overall design of your blog. I think it has a very clean look to it. The banner that you placed at the top of the page is a great touch to add to the overall appearance. I think that the text of your blog is also a strength of your page. Its a great concept and its very interesting to read over.

  3. Emily Banas says:

    I like the updated design of your blog much better then the older version, although the grey background is kind of dull. I also enjoy the banner with all the universities. I like how there is a set template for each blogpost. Overall I like the improvements of the website, I would just work on the overall design and appearance more.

  4. ist335 says:

    I really like this concept. Knowing all the days of other colleges is really cool and is helpful for students how are looking into colleges to attend. One thing I might say is to find some more pictures cause that would really help people picture what goes on. Other than that I’d say its a really good blog.

    Ryan Hilla

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