The Foster’s Run

College/University: Harvey Mudd College
Location: Claremont, California
Day(s)/Week it occurs: Weekend of Daylight’s Saving

Summary of Event:

When the first unicycle was introduced to Havey Mudd’s campus in the 1970s , the unicycling club, Gonzo Unicycle Madness, formed and created an annual 9.6 mile ride called “The Foster’s Run,” to the “Donut Man” donut shop in Glendora. How they came up with the name of the annual event is the donut shop was originally known as “Foster’s Donuts” for strawberry donuts. Through the years unicycles became less popular and now only a few Mudders ride unicycles, but on the weekend of daylight-savings time in April, students and alumni, come to campus from all parts of the country to top their unicycles and pedal eastward from Claremont to Glendora for a delicious (and free) strawberry donut. Before they go into the shop, tradition calls for participants to perform the “Foster’s shakedown,” where the riders dismount their unicycles, form a circle and jump up and down while spinning in place. The owner Jim Nakato then happily greets all riders with his specialty: a large doughnut filled with fresh strawberries.



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The Foot of Good Luck

College/University: Yale University
Location: New Haven, Connecticut
Day(s)/Week it occurs: On going tradition

Summary of Event:

Students are told that rubbing the foot on Theodore Dwight Woolsey’s statue is good luck. Therefore, every freshman will be seeing making lines trying to rub the foot for good luck to come on their year. Everyone does it actually, staff, students and professors. This is a very interesting superstition but students at Yale are not ashamed to believe it and follow it.


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Annual Liquid Latex Day

Name of College/University: Brandeis University
Location: Waltham, Massachusetts
Day(s)/Week it Occurs: April 23rd

Summary of Event: This event occurs every year around the weekend of April 23rd. It is called the annual Liquid Latex. At this event, students use their bodies as a canvas, covering them with latex paint. After being covered in paint, students then choregaph dances and perform on stage usually with audiences ranging in the 700’s. This year they estimate over 200 participants and they are adding a fashion catwalk.

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Hash Bash

Name of College/University: University of Michigan
Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan
Day(s)/Week it Occurs: First Saturday of every April
Summary of Event(s):

 Several thousand people gather on the quad at the university for support towards changing the state laws regarding marijuana.  First held in 1972, it has been held annually since then.  At the bash there is live music, speeches, street vendors, and some civil disobedience.   Although Ann Arbor has somewhat lenient laws regarding possession of marijuana, the state laws are more strict and are often enforced at the bash.


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Walk In Lay Down (WILD)

Name of College/University: Washington University in St. Louis
Location: St. Louis, Missouri
Day(s)/Week it Occurs: April, 25th

Summary of Event:  “Walk In Lay Down” is a concert event held twice a year at Washington University in St. Louis.  It is named so because it is based off of an old tradition in which students would bring sofas into the quad to rest on while watching performances and concerts. This event is regarded as one of the biggest social events on campus. The event features several local bands and often some nationally known artists. Previous big names have been Wale, Ben Folds, Lil’ Jon, and Lupe Fiasco.


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Kissing Line

Name of College/University: Stanford University
Location: Stanford, CA
Day(s)/Week it occurs: Random day

Summary of Event: This annual tradition for Stanford University Senior men and freshman women, is to line up on the campus’ Quad and kiss the person next to them. Booths are even set up to provide mouthwash and water, in order to have a more pleasant random kiss from their opposite person on line. Not only kissing is involved though, guys give the girls a rose and bands play their music.


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Odd/Even Game

Name of University/College: Wells CollegeGo to fullsize image
Location: Aurora, New York
Week/Day(s) of event:Occurs upon entering freshman year
Summary of events:

Established in 1898, the odd/even game is a strong tradition that all students at Wells College participate in. First year students are either assigned evenline (if they graduate in an even year) or oddline (if they graduate in an odd year). Each line has its own mascot and colors. The evenline’s mascot is Cleo the elaphant and its colors are blue and green. Whereas the oddline’s mascot is Oddwina the bear and its colors are purple and yellow.  Each team then selects its song leaders, who then carry the responsibility of preparing the teams for the sing-off competiton. The song leaders also supervise the creation of the class banners, as well as the writing of the class song. Whoever wins the competition gets to pick which side of the smoke pit they want, and paints their colors on that side.



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